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Surveillances and security system

Branford offers comprehensive security systems which will aid in intensive monitoring and incident prevention associated with multiple risk instances. Depending on the nature of assets and the threat assessment, the systems will be designed to provide varying levels of protection for each sector of the building, as well as integrate with external defence mechanisms relevant to each kind of threat.

Video Surveillance

Secure your office spaces, homes and your huge investments in the form of physical assets and electromechanical installations, and provide a safe environment for your most valuable human assets. Comprehensive video surveillance and

Door Access Control Systems

Branford enables you to practice two of the core principles of door access control management – unauthorized persons should never be granted access, and authorized persons should never be denied access – with utmost precision. Our engineers will design, install and provide total maintenance solutions.

Home /Office Security Systems

A secure office/home results from a combination of video surveillance, intelligent access control and appropriate technology platforms to enable physical security to support the system. Branford evaluates the threats your facility faces and provides end to end solutions to ensure comprehensive protection.

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