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Interior fit out

Interiors of commercial spaces under various categories and residential projects will be designed, fitted and delivered with very short lead times. Branford provides a high degree of customization which will facilitate effective branding of workspaces and business establishments as well as living spaces highly attuned to personal tastes.

Refurbishment and Alterations of Existing Office Space

Whether you desire a complete overhaul of your office space, a relatively minor alteration to accommodate additional manpower/divisions, or if you wish to remove all traces of the former occupants of the facility before setting up you own branded office, Branford will be a trustworthy contract partner to deliver within strict deadlines and highest quality standards.

Space Design & Layout

Engineers from Branford will work with you to understand your exact requirement for the facility, design the most suitable layout to accommodate those as well as future electrical installations and other additions to the space.

Commercial Office Fitouts

Finalized designs for your dream office space need the touch of an astute implementation team before they can be ready to house your business. Taking into account the nature of your clientele and the value proposition you wish to highlight to them, Branford will deliver and install the perfect office to drive your trade.

Office Partitions

Your office space should be designed for teamwork, but the layout should certainly allow for individual productivity and enable division of teams in accordance with strategic requirements. Branford can design and install partitions in accordance with your brand guidelines and specific decor for the facility.

Retail Fitouts

Modern day retailing is all about product placement and brand communication. To effectively deliver a customer experience that is centred around the values of the brand and its strengths, you need a partner like Branford to design, implement and maintain the shopfloor in pristine condition.

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