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HVAC installation and Maintenance

The peculiarly harsh climate of the Middle Eastern region places a heavy demand on HVAC systems in all kinds of building projects. Based on the nature of your project, we will design the most appropriate systems to suit your specific atmospheric conditioning needs. Our support will extend from system installation to all future maintenance needs to ensure a long life for your HVAC system.

DX Cooling System

Direct expansion cooling systems are preferred for smaller areas which require heavy duty cooling. Branford will assess your facility and determine the best category of cooling system for your needs ahead of designing and delivering it to your specifications.

Chilled water System

Larger facilities will benefit greater from systems that deploy indirect methods, such as chilled water as a medium for cooling. This demands more extensive pipelines and ducts from the plant room to the air conditioning area. Branford will provide end to end engineering services to the point of installation and subsequent maintenance.

Extract and Ventilation Systems

Humidity restriction is key to effective atmospheric control within your facility. We provide the systems you need to detect and extract water vapour from wet areas and prevent the spread of undesired elements through air ducts.

Ducting and Fabrication

Branford designs, fabricates and installs the sheet metal delivery ducts necessary to ensure reliable connectivity of your centralized HVAC systems and provide airflow across the entire facility.

AC Maintenance & Repair

Highly trained technicians from Branford will carry out all post-commissioning service required for your air conditioning system (central and split models) including duct maintenance, refrigerant recharging, electrical physical damage repair and any other rectification required for uninterrupted atmospheric control

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