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Electrical installation services

Branford specializes in end to end management of electrical infrastructure projects starting from technology design and covering the entire spectrum of engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of systems. Corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping centers and residential projects are all well within our capabilities, irrespective of scale.

Electrical Distribution panels

With the wide array of diverse power systems on the grid, buildings of all categories must have reliable electrical distribution systems that are capable of handling power supply in accordance with demand of high variance. Branford will conduct a thorough analysis of your project, estimate the requirements, then supply and install the specific hardware for the purpose.

Internal wiring

More than a mere network of cabling for efficient distribution of electrical power, it is critical for the internal wiring of all commercial and residential buildings to be designed for handling the right load and factoring in the variations in capacity. We guarantee 100% compliance to all regulatory requirements in the installation of your wiring.

Lighting systems

Customized lighting systems have a tremendous impact on the quality of a space and its effectiveness towards the intended purpose. Whether to suit the personal tastes of a resident, enhance aesthetics of a commercial building or to enhance productivity in an office space Branford will ensure your specific needs are met comprehensively.

Power cabling & Termination

In accordance with the specific nature of operations to be conducted in the premises, and the requisite systems to be supported for the purpose, Branford will ensure appropriate power cabling and installation of terminals are conducted with utmost efficiency

Building Automation Systems

Branford provides fully digital control systems to continually monitor all electrical systems in your facility and programmatically manage them within predefined parameters designed to optimize the ventilation, lighting, security and power supply in accordance with operational requirements.

Low Current Systems

We offer end to end design, installation, maintenance and support for low current systems such as security installations, monitoring systems, communication infrastructure and other specific requirements relevant in your premises for enabling your operational goals

Annual Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Your electromechanical infrastructure will be periodically checked and guaranteed against any damage arising from component malfunction, material corrosion and/or all forms of physical damage once it is placed under the Branford annual maintenance plan. We promise to rectify any and all damage within the terms of the agreement, thereby implementing tremendous cost savings on your facility management budget

Supply and installation of Intelligent Lighting Control System

Branford designs and delivers intelligent control systems that guarantee reduced energy consumption through actively monitoring the lighting systems in your premises. While ensuring uninterrupted availability for aesthetic and security purposes, the systems ensure optimal utilization and thereby extended life for your infrastructure

Bus Riser and under floor Bus Bars

Heavy duty industrial grade power conduction systems designed to enable highly efficient power distribution without compromising on the safety regulations or structural design of your facility, engineered, installed and comprehensively supported for long term maintenance needs

Audio / Video Intercom System

Branford enables commercial establishments with reliable, high quality communication links between different segments of the facility, including intercom systems, video conferencing and closed circuit video monitoring systems

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