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Data center Installation and Maintenance

Whether you run a cloud platform business, or you operate a data center to service your own business, Branford will deliver customized solutions to meet your infrastructure needs. We manage the entire power distribution design, structured cabling, rack design and cabinet installations as well as supporting with future maintenance needs.

Data Center Infrastructure

Site Analysis & Room Preparations
Data centers are composed of highly sensitive precision computing equipment which require a high degree of control to be exercised over the surrounding environment – especially temperature and humidity. Branford’s highly trained technicians will assess the site of your proposed data center and implement any modifications necessary to prepare for the specialized function.

Raised Flooring
Data center installations are carried out on a slightly elevated platform that will enable better heat flow, easier access for cabling and better scalability and flexibility. Our engineers will design and implement this to suit your specific requirements.

Electrical Power Distribution & Designing
The intense power requirement of data centers place them beyond the scope of conventional power supplies, not just from a capacity standpoint but also guaranteed availability. Branford delivers highly customized power distribution solutions and offers end to end implementation and maintenance support.

Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) & Generators
Data centers are the engines of the internet, and most businesses in the online space place a great deal of value on ensuring uninterrupted service. This means the public grid isn’t capable of handling the power supply expectations and so specialized backup power systems with zero switchover time and appropriate capacity are essential. You can rely on Branford to deliver this.

Cooling Systems
Data centers are very intense in power consumption and all the heat generated calls for powerful cooling systems far superior to the typical systems deployed in human-centric office designs. Branford specializes in designing tailor-made systems based on your data center’s specific needs, ensuring continuous operation over long periods of time with minimal support and maintenance

Cable Pathway Designing
Branford provides intelligently designed cable pathways to feed high power systems and enable distributed load management in commercial spaces and large scale residential projects. Installation of the cables will be carried out by our highly trained technicians based on your power distribution needs.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling of data center projects is highly complicated because of the high amount of diversity (data, power, signalling, etc.) as well as the high level of distinguishability required for the type of cable in each segment. Our solutions, combined with high quality service, cut down the time required for laying the cable as well as subsequent plugging/unplugging for maintenance activity

Physical Security Systems

Security in data centers extends well beyond the digital domain, with significant expectations on physical aspects to ensure comprehensive protection. Branford offers multi-point monitoring, access control and validation systems to facilitate physical security of hardware installations and data assets.

Post Installation Maintenance

Hardware installations which are under continual operation as in commercial establishments require consistent care and maintenance to prevent component wear and tear as well as to rectify actual damage to parts. Branford will engage with your organization as a comprehensive maintenance partner for all your electromechanical, HVAC and computing installations.

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